A complete library providing access to light and free purchasing advice and diagnostics. If you’d like us to advise you on the right energy for you, or to check that you’ve been properly initiated, just ask us free of charge. And more on demand!

Expert Services in Energy Attunements

To free yourself from an initiation you’ve already learned so you can master it better without side effects, to remove symbols or an initiation that no longer suits you, to obtain a diagnosis of your needs and acquisitions, visit our expert services.

Psychic readings & advices

Assist you in your life path, your luminous progression, help you get through the trials. Speak with a deceased person, an animal, ask for the body of light by telephone directly from a professional. Make an appointment or chat via audio message.

Creativity and light

Reiki channelings and Source initiations are created with you in mind… Ask us for the Reiki that brings you to light.


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