Lightarian™ Angel Links

The five Lightarian angelic links are designed to create extraordinary connections with a team of high-vibrational angelic beings. This team consists of a Seraphim (named Aura Rose) and four Archangels (Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel). The angelic links have been inspired by Aura Rose and these Archangels to work directly and more powerfully with humans to advance their spiritual development. Their intentions are to infuse the energy fields of humans with many more of the energetic qualities and patterns they embody.

Typically, the connections created via angelic links are much deeper than the angelic contacts humans have long known. These links with Aura Rose and the four Archangels are particularly refined, extremely high vibratory and truly permanent in nature. They are very different from the more traditional “telepathic and etheric interactions” that many people already have with angels. Each of these angelic links sets up a very special new type of connection within your energy fields to enable you and these angelic beings to work together more effectively.

How will these angelic energies work with you?

In general, these five angelic beings are committed to working intimately and powerfully with you … Their goal is to help you embody and expand the pure angelic qualities of unconditional love, non-judgment, courage, beauty and joy in your daily life. In addition to these five major angelic qualities, each angelic being will be a guide for you in these other specialized ways:

– To help you navigate the etheric realms,

– The support of divine healing,

– “Light your way” into the future,

Stimulate your creative expression,

– Make your communications more effective.

Lightarian Institute


Aura Rose Seraphim

The first angel in the series of angelic connections, Aura Rose is the seraphim closest to you from the moment of initiation. He’ll be working with you every day, hand in hand, around unconditional love.

Of the highest angelic seraphic level, he is entirely devoted to offering his purest qualities to humanity.

Her divine flame of love will be placed on your heart, to radiate on your auras and help you throughout your life experience.

Note that Aura Rose is also the first in the series of angelic links, the one that gives you the key to being a “Lightarian facilitator” and therefore the one that will help you receive archangelic initiations.

Archangel Michael

Thanks to this initiation, Archangel Michael will enable you to move beyond judgmental consciousness and accept an open relationship with yourself and others, free of suffering patterns linked to devaluation and pride, and will provide you with all the help you need when doubt, shame or guilt arise.

He’ll protect you while you use your psychic gifts and support you in your etheric work.

Michael, “who is like God”, is known for defending non-judgment at the Last Judgment; he is often depicted with a sword, as a defender of faith, and is often called upon because he is known to be able to sever etheric bonds.

Archangel Raphael

Thanks to Archangel Raphael, finally find a place for yourself within your energy work and your ether. He will generously and unfailingly offer you courage and healing, so that you can fulfill your destiny and your life choices with the same inner strength he offers you.

With love, without ever worrying about your limitations, he’ll help you to love yourself and lift yourself up in all circumstances. Accepting this angel into your life can really lift the veil of self-love and awaken you to true self-love.

Raphael, or “God Heals”, is the divine healer, healing ailments and protecting all healers.

Archangel Uriel

Through the beauty of Archangel Uriel, we open ourselves to unconditional love through beauty, generosity and forgiveness.

Through this initiation, there is the possibility of letting the energies of the self respond directly to our consciousness through the true nature of our feelings. For Uriel is the one who opens the way to emotional deliverance and acceptance of ourselves and others. A true source of inspiration, he helps us to be transported by creativity and beauty.

Because with so much beauty, how can we not accept what is, rather than waste precious time suffering?

Uriel means “the Light of God”, and is the archangel closest to us when we create beauty within and without, forgiveness being one of them…

Archangel Gabriel

Thanks to Gabriel, ask for what you want, and you’ll get a clear, honest answer, frank and without ugliness. He’ll take you beyond your daily worries, loving you but above all advising you in the best possible way, without ever losing his love, his joy, his kindness and his benevolence.

He’ll share your meals with friends, shower your souls with bliss, open his arms to your courage and non-violence, without ever judging you or making you doubt yourself. It will bring you knowledge and intuition, sometimes warning you if it’s too hard for you to establish a cause-and-effect relationship in your karmic becoming.

Gabriel or “Force of God” is known as a great divine communicator.