Lightarian ascension bands and Lightarian™ Reiki

You don’t have Reiki?

Lightarian™ Ascension Strips

The Ascension Bands are designed for people who, without Reiki, wish to improve their vibratory rate, accelerate their self-expansion, transformation and healing.

The divine energies of the ascended master Buddha will lift you up and accelerate the rise of the energy of the Self.

They will also greatly enhance your psychic abilities of intuition, clairvoyance, synchronicities, etc….

Lightarian ascension bands & Lightarian Reiki

Are you a Reiki master?

Lightarian Reiki™

Lightarian Reiki is the highest system of healing I have ever experienced.

Despite all the teachings available on Earth, this is still the most beautiful and complete system ever created, and will remain so for some years to come. In 6 degrees and 4 initiations, it requires only some preliminary knowledge of Reiki to be used. Brought to Earth by the ascended master Buddha, it offers us the divine gift of healing at frequencies hitherto unheard of on our planet.

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Transmitted in 1997 by the Ascended Master Buddha to Marie Jeanine JELM through channeling, Reiki Lightarian™ accesses the energies of the Ascended Masters Buddha and Sananda, Gaia Mother Earth and the Celestial Energies, giving it extraordinary power and wonderful energetic vibrations. It introduces you to healing bands that are unequalled in terms of vibratory height, and is one of the jewels in our Reiki crown. We recommend this as one of the finest treatments we have ever taught. Through the channeling process, it was discovered that there are eight energy bands belonging to Reiki, similar to the light bands of the visible light spectrum. The first 2 bands are covered by Usui and Karuna. If you don’t have these treatments, you’ll need to go through them first. For those who don’t have Usui please check by email if you have the necessary reiki… A traditional seichim does the same thing. You can opt for Lightarian’s Buddhic Boost reiki, which can easily replace the Karuna band and teaching, without being as advanced. The other 6 bands are covered by Lightarian Reiki.

This will naturally replace the Usui in your hands if the person is able to integrate these vibrations. Expect your gifts to increase tenfold… It’s highly likely that your healing sessions will be faster too, as is the case in most cases (if the recipient has the capacity).

Here are the lightarian levels – prerequisites:

Buddhic boost or Karuna

Level 1: Reiki Lightarian™ I&II

Level 2: Reiki Lightarian™ III

Level 3: Reiki Lightarian™ IV

Level 4: Reiki Lightarian™ V&VI

Each initiation includes the manual, certificates and entitles you to Lightarian certification.

Using Lightarian Reiki:

Lightarian is used in the same way as Usui, by remote session or laying on of hands. It integrates naturally with your Usui or Karuna treatment if you wish. If the recipient has little energy or low vibration, Usui will take priority, and the treatment will be distributed to the best of all. Without symbol, it increases the power of intention and makes it possible to send Usui symbols by thought, without drawing a symbol or anything else.

Don’t forget to choose between two types of license: practitioner or master.

In fact, Lightarian offers these two licenses for every level purchased.