Lightarian™ Clearing Program

With this program, you raise your vibratory rate and cleanse your energies, chakras and subtle bodies of all malicious programs, collective codes, negative thoughts and restrictive beliefs that prevent you from being who you are. Protect yourself and get help for your return to the Source.

Free yourself from outside influences, clear in love and light what no longer corresponds to you, and evolve, protected from outside influences.

Six initiations, one month apart, to free ourselves from what doesn’t suit us.

Laser” energy activations designed to create an extraordinary acceleration of the spiritual path.

Benefits of receiving Lightarian™ Clearing attunements:
Over time, the cleansing program releases energies unfavorable to us…

– Existing patterns that contribute to physical stress, discomfort and illness; deep-rooted emotional and mental blocks and restrictions.

– Limiting unresolved belief structures and spiritual problems at soul level

– Unfavorable family, cultural, ethnic, religious and other influences on collective consciousness
– Unwanted implants, attachments, strong, violent and addictive behaviours, damaging influences on past and future life

As a result of this work, personal development – a higher self-integration increasingly integrated into your incarnational experience – occurs and the following elements naturally begin to appear in daily life:

-Your Divine Self powerfully steps forward as the enhanced cleansing stimulates the healing of all your subtle bodies and the physical body.

– Experience more and more conscious choice and less and less “automatic” behavior patterns, addictions, doubts, fears and pain.

– Higher vibratory energies can flow, allowing the chakras and subtle bodies to anchor themselves in more light!

– Gifts and talents that have been dormant begin to resurface and your ability to create joy, clarity and abundance in your life is magnified!

Lightarian Institute

List of attunements:

1/ Lightarian™ Path Clearing

Our etheric body is made up of tiny, extremely complex lines of energy in which unfavorable and restrictive programming is stored in the lower chakras and various subtle bodies. It’s called “tapisserie de l’ombre”. This tapestry of the shadow is the sum total of adverse programs, contrary emotions, limiting thoughts, beliefs, etc. that we have amassed throughout our lives and that prevent us from being who we are.

Throughout our childhood and personal development, we rely on others to help us grow, behave and learn. These energies, which have served us for a time, are ready to be released in love and non-judgment, freeing our chakras and subtle bodies from this tapestry.

This first part takes 6 months to finish cleaning, but works for life to protect our personal energy.

“In our etheric fields, each of us carries an extraordinarily complex and limiting “shadow tapestry” of soul-level programs, restrictive belief structures and associated mental, emotional and etheric-physical energies that define the boundaries and obstacles of our incarnational experience. These boundaries and obstacles are part of the limiting structure for the life scenarios and challenges we want to experience … and all these rich and colorful difficult and unfavorable experiences are necessary, at some level, for our learning and growth!

Via the clearings, your Higher Self, in collaboration with Ascended Master El Morya, initiates the process of releasing this interwoven web of limiting programs, restrictive belief structures and their associated unfavorable stored energies!

To better understand this “fabric”, imagine that each of us carries a complex tangle of energetic “threads” originating from negative soul programming in the higher chakras.Look at yourself as an amazingly complex “bio-computer” and imagine how this adverse etheric programming generates these “threads” which then vibratory extend downwards into your lower energy fields.

These undesirable patterns create inappropriate, restrictive and debilitating responses in our lives, which limit us and prevent us from realizing our true divine potential. As these negative vibrational energies are cleared, progressively deeper layers of lower etheric energies can be accessed … ultimately leading to the release of etheric patterns deeply stored in your mental planes, emotional bodies and physical-etheric bodies.”

Lightarian Institute

2/ Lightarian™ Birth Pattern Removal

This 2nd level, which is best taken a month after the first level, will work for about a month on your personal energy to release the memories described here…. then protect you for the rest of your life.

At birth, we all possess the imprint of our parents’ etheric bodies.

In this imprint, there is a legacy of undesirable residues remaining in our lower energy fields…

These residues are cleaned (or cleared) during the Birth Pattern Clearing work, in the background.

“When the fetus emerges from the womb, it carries with it the four lower subtle bodies and the beginnings of four mini-chakras (energy centers). These etheric energy fields introduce into this new life a variety of strong, deeply-rooted patterns of both a “positive” and an “adverse” nature. The predominant source of these patterns has been the etheric “imprint” of the parents and both the significant environmental impact and influence acting during pregnancy. Generally speaking, a period of two days elapses between the birth of the newborn and the final fusion of the soul’s energies with its physical body.

This fusion or infusion is anchored in the soul, the great soul and the higher energies for incarnation, establishing the network of chakras and subtle bodies we call the “Way Back to Source”. This infusion of soul energies creates the “not-so-easy-to-reverse” establishment of human consciousness in the newborn, who already has a “personal history” based on the etheric and physical patterns developed in the womb!

Over time, energy fields mix and merge, and life flows. Unwanted residues from these early birth patterns remain in the individual’s lower vibrational fields and are removed as the cleansing work continues behind the scenes.”

Lightarian Institute

3/ Lightarian™ Template Clearing Level

Once again, this phase is best completed a month after the previous one, and will last about a month.

The etheric body is at an energy level so close to the physical plane that we can describe it in a representation analogous to a magnetic, energetic or vital double.

Etheric and physical energies are direct reflections of each other, so we can speak of an etheric double or “etheric template”.

This etheric double possesses distortions and unfavorable energies or residues which are effectively removed. This avoids many problems in our life experience and deep-seated attractions.

“The “double” of the etheric body in this etheric model appears as a “direct image” of the physical structure itself. These corresponding etheric and physical energies are direct reflections of each other and, in a sense, form and influence each other.

Unwanted etheric impacts end up stimulating distortion patterns in the etheric model, which set the stage for the physical body to eventually reorganize itself … producing what we would call stress, debility or clumsiness, discomfort and despair.

When the upper and middle layer of unfavorable etheric energies is anchored, patterns of the residual “lower” negative energies in the etheric model are available for compensation Then the process of a more complete healing of the physical body can be initiated when the residues of the negative patterns accumulated in the etheric model, this “double”, are effectively removed.”

Lightarian Institute

4/ Lightarian™ Attachment Removal level

At this level, we work on our ability to have fully conscious relationships free of dependencies. Here again, there’s a month’s work, to be taken one month after the previous level.

These etheric links allow energy to flow back and forth between people attached to each other, or even animals or inanimate objects.

To this we add implants and “etheric devices”, collective programs operating essentially on the low vibrations of attachment, the “less than love”.

The links established, not allowing us to feel ourselves, can only be unhealthy or based on a dysfunction, “leaning” on an external analysis or emotion that prevents us from a natural and inherent framework of our personal energy… The truth is within us.

Releasing attachments doesn’t mean abandoning people, but releasing unhealthy or unfavorable energies from the relationship to keep only love.

“Different forms of unfavorable energies have been given a variety of names such as etheric links, cords or connections, psychic attacks, etheric attachments, implants, etheric devices, etc. With the general clearing of fields during the previous levels of the program and the release of coarser attachments.

The first three installments have already peeled back unfavorable energies layer by layer, very similar to the old metaphor of “onion layers”! After this degree has been achieved, your Higher Self and El Morya take up the work again and will “mop up” attachments, and will also be able to access an even deeper level of energies to cleanse …. finer, more advanced work, more often in the form of very light, thin etheric threads, these subtle attachments seeming to spread out from the extreme limits of each of our subtle bodies, linking and attaching themselves to individuals and objects, indeed to various external patterns and forms, physical and etheric, with which we have interacted over the years.

Your life experience will cease to be dominated by “unconscious patterns of behavior, addictive response and addiction to consciously make and retain “connections of choice”! As you move away from exploiting your “unconscious attachments”, you begin to experience “choice” in your life. To perhaps clarify this point, simply imagine a life’s work involving an ever-increasing sense of objectivity, a precise assessment, an ever-clearer intention and an increasingly assertive voluntary choice as you move along your life’s path. In this space of free will, you’ll begin to see a shift in your decision-making … a shift toward more appropriate choices … choices that magically seem to align you more closely with your Higher Self energies.

You’ll discover that life can be more graceful and purposeful in your work and experience! The transition from a life of attachments to a life of “choice connections” is one of the fundamental results of Lightarian Clearing work.”

Lightarian Institute

5/ Lightarian™ Lineage Clearing level

Dissolve unfavorable belief patterns to achieve better alignment with your Self and Source On a biological level, we all have ancestors, and on a soul level, a cosmic origin.

Each of us has a unique spiritual heritage that blends with our physical heritage and humanity’s line of evolution.

The combination of these elements makes you human.

Your spiritual lineage encompasses certain attributes that can be seen as positive or unfavorable (example of an unfavorable belief pattern in the soul or higher self: “I’m not worthy or lovable”…).

The work of lineage clearing dissolves unfavorable belief patterns, enabling better alignment with your Self and Source.

“Some undesirable energy conditions are simply the result of misalignments or imbalances between energies that are perfectly fine! So, in these cases, there’s nothing to eliminate or remove – only the need for a re-alignment process. The effects of misalignments and imbalances on an individual’s well-being can be very complex.

In an attempt to create some conscious understanding, we’ve learned that these negative impacts can best be described in terms of “unfavorable belief structures.”

So, imagine that at levels within your “connection to Source”, imbalances are created when a given layer of your consciousness holds an “adverse belief” about itself. Perhaps a soul layer experiences a feeling of “I’m not lovable!” Or a layer of the larger soul operates with the belief of “I’ve been abandoned by Spirit!” Or perhaps a layer of the Higher Self carries the conviction that “I am not worthy! “

The cumulative effects of these adverse subtle belief structures perhaps color, shade and distort experiences within your spiritual lineage and create misalignments.”

Lightarian Institute

6/ Lightarian™ Veil Removal

This is the final level of Lightarian release work.

What will we see when the veil is removed?

– Vision of the particular points of our consciousness where unfavorable beliefs are held and their gentle release.

– Strong increase in the ability to “be clearer” with all dimensions of the Self.

– Increased sense of unity with the Source.

– Strong increase in the channelling of light energies. It’s time to rebuild the consciousness that raised us, and never leave it, far from the veils that have distanced us from our self and Source.