ॐ – Mediumship, Karmic Analysis, Soul Reading

Free light body reading

If you need advice on which initiations to choose to suit your needs, I offer you an audit through my specialized mediumship to help you in your ascension and in the development of your light body. I’ll tell you about the initiation you’ve chosen and, if you wish, I’ll tell you how to acquire it and how best to initiate it yourself.

Voice mail psychic question

From €10

without appointment via Messenger and Whatsapp voice messages, as available. Ask a question about your problem and receive messages you can listen to again and again.

Telephone fortune-telling

From €25

Whether you want to better understand tomorrow’s issues, your needs, contact a deceased relative or communicate with an animal, I’m here to help.

Don’t forget to cancel 2 days in advance if you can’t make it! You’ll receive a call at the appointed time.

ॐ – Expert Initiation Services

Do you need anything in particular?

Customized Reiki

Enlightened channelling and initiation tailored to your needs

We help you receive the initiation channels you need for the divine vehicle you are. Without a collective parcel, connect to universal energies as it pleases your feeling and your higher self.

From €140

Have you been misguided towards an energy you don’t like?

Initiation withdrawal

For those who no longer wish to be taught, or wish to remove symbols from an initiation.

I can help you remove the energies of negative karma linked to Reiki or initiations you’ve been taught against the wishes of your soul or higher self.

From €40

Did you have a problem acquiring an initiation?

Clearing an initiation

Sometimes learning an initiation has been too painful, some initiations may have been poorly acquired or prepared, and it’s best for the higher self to be connected to your energy entirely through kundalini on this learning.

I’m catching up on initiations that were acquired through a non-divine channel.

From €25