20 angel essences – 20 Essences Angéliques


To connect the energy of 20 angels and their quality.


This initiation creates a bridge between your life and the Angelic Realms, binding you into their web of light and high Consciousness. Angels will work with you through their essence to help bring the positive qualities they carry into your life, bringing transformation and awakening.

The 20 Angelic Essences:

  • Angel of Abundance
  • Angel of Beauty
  • Angel of Compassion
  • Angel of Determination
  • Angel of Forgiveness
  • Angel of Glory
  • Angel of Grace
  • Angel of Harmony
  • Angel of Hope
  • Angel of Joy
  • Angel of Love
  • Angel of Mercy
  • Angel of Patience
  • Angel of Peace
  • Angel of Purification
  • Angel of Strength
  • Angel of Tranquility
  • Angel of Transmutation
  • Angel of Truth
  • Angel of Wisdom

By Argandini Titisari and Hari Andri Winarso

English manual

You receive 20 initiations and a manual.