7 rays of Love – 7 Rayons d’Amour


Connect to 7 magnificent Archangelic energies: compassion, adoration, purification, healing, harmony, enlightenment and protection.


There are 7 Angelic initiation ceremonies designed to help you with your spiritual growth. It will also bring greater balance with your Higher Self, planet Earth and all the other beings who inhabit it. Loving angels support us in so many ways, and we can call on them whenever we need help and guidance.


Archangel Uriel’s initiation with the Ray of Compassion is a peaceful energy combined with grace and love, which finds its home in the heart, soul and very essence of his Being. As the beautiful energy of the Ruby Ray penetrates deep into the core of your Being, it enables you to find loving peace, a virtue of mercy, compassion and love. The Ruby Ray of Compassion particularly rejuvenates the solar plexus chakra. The Compassion ray focuses primarily on spiritual service, love for others, peace and devotion.

This spectacular ray will also support a Being on an ongoing basis through the many twists and turns of his spiritual journey. According to Archangel Uriel, “in a very direct sense, the Ruby Ray will support spiritual healers, teachers and all those seeking truths or engaged in a divine spiritual journey. For it is this love that serves humanity.” It will accentuate and radiate the spiritual vitality of any Being who seeks its energizing love.


The Ray of Worship is a relaxing energy that transports its gentle solar warmth to the heart, soul and mind. As this beautiful Pink Ray integrates into every cell of your Being and purifies the chakras, it allows you to move into worship, a divinity, which you can use in all your associations with others. The worship ray focuses on love, compassion, gratitude and the goodness of life. It will help you forge new friendships and relationships, mend strained ones, generally get along with others, balance current friendships and one day, on a daily basis, improve interactions with those you come into contact with. Archeia Charity will also be participating in this department.


The Purification Ray is a soothing, purifying energy combined with the love of the ages, which penetrates the heart, soul and core of the very essence of Being. As the loving energy of the Violet Ray penetrates every cell of your Being and heals the chakras, it enables you to remain in a state of calm amidst the many disturbances that cause turmoil. The Royal Violet Ray particularly purifies the “soul seat” chakra. The purification ray focuses on forgiveness, purification, love and transformation. According to Archangel Zadkiel, “The Violet Ray fully represents the love of humanity. It will support all levels of experience, and more directly, it will offer guidance and help to all who choose to practice forgiveness.” It will play an important role in the transformation from a lower to a higher level of divine consciousness.


The Emerald Healing Ray is a profoundly powerful and complete energy of love, combining the luminous power of the sun with the wholesome power of nature to create beauty, truth, vitality, health and healing. As these energies pour into your heart, soul and total Being, they will work to refine, purify, cleanse and heal while filling your Being with absolute love. In particular, it activates the Third Eye chakra, which teaches the development of inner vision to intensify recognition of truth. The Emerald healing ray focuses primarily on healing, love, humility, impeccability and purity of heart. What’s more, it will help you focus on a particular activity to achieve a specific goal.


The harmony ray is a purified, loving energy. As these energies melt deeply into your heart, soul and total Being, they will work to perfect, heal, purify, while experiencing love and harmony in the totality of Self. The brilliant Ray of Harmony penetrates the chakras, with particular emphasis on the base of the spine or creation chakra. The Harmony ray focuses primarily on “faithfulness” in communication, harmony with the Self and with all Beings, purity, perfection and love. It will also help you to develop and use your intuitive skills more fully. The Harmony ray will harmonize all the necessary factors, helping you to achieve your goals.


The Ray of Illumination is a fortifying form of energy that carries its rays of light, love and warmth directly to the heart, the whole being and the soul. As this Divine energy of the Yellow Ray of Illumination permeates every cell of your Being, purifying and strengthening the chakras. It will help you recognize the true beauty of Beings and the Universe. In particular, the Golden Ray emphasizes the purification of the Crown, which is the chakra that enables an individual to reach deeply into the Universe’s sense of self. The ray of illumination focuses on inner beauty, the beauty of others and the beauty of life. He’ll work to guide you along your aspirational spiritual path. Its Divine energy will help you understand the divine power of Light within yourself.


The Ray of Protection is a powerful warrior-like energy, combined with love and gentleness, which finds its way to the heart, soul, mind and whole Being. As the loving power of this spectacular Sapphire Blue Ray integrates into every cell of your Being and purifies and heals the chakras, it enables you to move into a spiritual Divinity that incorporates love, authenticity, humility, serenity and perfection of being into all your daily activities. This majestic blue ray cleanses and heals the heart chakra in particular.

The protection ray focuses mainly on protection, love, faith and motivation. “The fundamental mission of the Ray of Protection is to offer Beings the protection of guided Light on their spiritual path,” explains Archangel Michael, from channeled notes. It will also increase your ability to cope with difficult dilemmas. It will guide you to a path of serenity.

By Mary LaSota

English manual

You receive 7 initiations and a manual.

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