Abandonment Reiki – Abandonment Reiki


Have you ever felt abandoned, betrayed, rejected, separated from others, disconnected, alone? You set a distance afterwards… did you come back from it?

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Have you ever felt profound abandonment, loneliness, isolation, the feeling that no one understands you? Then you set a distance… Did you come back?

Often, at some point in our lives, we feel this emotion.

This creates an emotional void, an emotional distance, which is the after-effect of the energies of abandonment.

We then feel :

-The inability to forgive oneself or others.

-Insensitivity: when someone treats us badly, without respect or consideration, we close ourselves off internally….

-Lack of effort or time: When you’re too used to relying on others and it’s time to free yourself.

-Fear: fear of not being loved as you are, of rejection, of being judged on your reactions….

-Denial: denying that we have suffered, for fear of reopening a pain that is too great, of not being strong enough, or of not loving ourselves with this “weakness”…

This energy will enable you to put things into context, as they are for you, to cleanse the suffering generated by the past and to open your heart anew.

By Nicole Lanning

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