Absolute Confidence Empowerment- Confiance Absolue Empowerment


To regain our self-confidence and our abilities.



This empowerment gives us confidence in ourselves and our abilities to manifest what we truly desire in all areas of our lives. In this way we can be Conscious Creators of what we create.

As you work with this energy, you’ll gain confidence in your ability to get what you want. Trust will be absolute and not conditioned by external circumstances or your own emotions or mental state. This energy will free you from your limitations, conditions or situations. So you won’t need any special conditions to be confident.

This empowerment will enable you to radiate confidence from the core of your being in such a way that you will be fully connected to the purest essence of your being: the Divine Self. You’ll be connected to the truth about yourself: you’re good, you deserve beautiful things and you already have everything you need to manifest your desires.

As a result, you’ll have absolute confidence and faith in your abilities, gifts, talents, decisions and intuitions.

And finally, you’ll be happy to be who you are!

By Tracey Loper

English manual

You will receive an introduction and a manual.