Acclimation Ray – Rayon d’Acclimatation


This system is very useful when life changes: moving house, break-up, loss or new job, etc.


When a person acclimatizes to something, they’re getting used to a new climate or condition in their life.

If one becomes accustomed to new conditions, emotions and the body become stressed and mental acuity diminishes. Performance, both physical and mental, declines, as does their natural resistance to disease.

When a person becomes accustomed to new conditions, whether environmental or interpersonal (related to social interaction or changes in relationships), they are able to maintain or increase their effectiveness in all areas of their life.

“Most people can acclimatize if given enough time. It’s the time interval between the change in environmental or other living conditions and the moment when they finally acclimatize that can be very uncomfortable. Some people don’t even understand why they feel unbalanced.

They might not attribute the fact that they’re off the mark to the change they’ve encountered. Perhaps a similar change of life didn’t affect them negatively before, but now they’re having a hard time adapting. Some people simply feel distracted while they acclimatize.

How wonderful that we now have acclimatization rays to help us quickly come to terms with any new conditions we encounter!”

Channeled by Mariah Windsong Couture

English manual

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