Activation de la Roue de Médecine – Activation of Medicine Wheel


To connect to the Medicine Wheel and the 4 directions.


This system aims to teach you the medicine wheel, how to use and receive these energy connections.

In this context, medicine means everything that keeps your life in harmony. The medicine wheel represents the wheel of life, which is divided into four sections or directions. Each section has its own uses, meanings, symbols, elements and so on. Although Medicine Wheels have been used by many cultures around the world, they are most often associated with Native Americans. They believed that the medicine wheel reflects the inner and outer worlds and connects you to the rest of the universe.

The Medicine Wheel Activation is accompanied by an informative manual that describes what a Medicine Wheel is, the directions and meanings, the history of the Medicine Wheel, photos and how to use the activation energies included in the course.

By Lisa “LadyWolf ” Center

Manual in English and French

You will receive an introduction and a manual.