Activation of the Shaman – Activation du Chaman


Connect with the shamanic energies you carry and develop your healing practices.


The word shaman comes from the Evenk people in Siberia. This was the name given to their spiritual leaders and healers.

Shaman…. What images come to mind? Can you feel the fire burning? Can you see the way to the other world? Does it conjure up frightening or soothing images, or is there a subtle combination of the two?

The knowledge and practice of shamans are not specific to Aboriginal people or to geographic region. Spiritual practice is not dogmatic. There are no rigid rules to follow. They change as we move forward as a people.
Even with our progress, we find that the wheel turns and we find merit in practices and beliefs that existed long ago.

In our modern world, the Shaman may have a new face, but the energy remains the same, with the power of the earth and beyond. Honor and respect for the universe and acceptance of all life are at the heart of shamanism. The Shaman honors his environment by using it for its intended purpose.

Shamanism is not specific to religion. It can fit into any belief system. shamans don’t adore nature. They respect and honor nature with their behavior and their gifts for it. They are not limited in belief or practice by reality. They operate in two realities.

Shaman Activation will not make you a shaman, but rather help you align and connect with the shamanic energies you can carry with you and further develop your healing practices.

By Lisa “LadyWolf” Center

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