Angel Stone Attunement


You’ll be able to integrate angelic energies into a stone and benefit from them simply by touching it!


The Angel Stone initiation is an energetic tool designed to connect the energies of a specially assigned angel to any stone or crystal. This allows the angelic and loving energies to be with you.

Once aligned with the energies, you will choose a stone or crystal and align it with the energies of the Angel Stone. Once the stone is aligned and connected to the angelic energies, you can then wear the stone, keep it on you, place it under your pillow, etc. and you’ll be constantly surrounded by angelic energies. These energies are designed to be loving and protective. The manual also explains how to charge water and oil with these energies.

You can use the stones for self-healing and healing sessions for others.

By Ole Gabrielsen

English manual

You will receive an introduction and a manual.