Angelic Light for Children – Lumière Angélique pour les Enfants


To work with the angels who look after the children.


Angelic Light for Children puts you in touch with angels who care primarily for children, helping them to develop into harmonious adults. With this initiation you will work with 13 archangels and angels. This energy works on past, present and future mental/physical/emotional and spiritual issues. It also works wonderfully with other healing modalities and forms of Reiki.

Here are the Angels concerned:

  • Archangel Naari – Children’s Archangel.
  • Archangel Barachiel – Angel of Compassion, Archangel of Divine Providence and Guardian / Provider of God’s Children.
  • Archangel Mihr – Angel of friendship.
  • Archangel Shushienae – Archangel of purity.
  • Archangel Afriel – Angel of youth.
  • Archangel Dina – Angel of learning.
  • Archangel Elijah – Angel of innocence.
  • Archange Yves – Archangel of destiny.
  • Archangel Rehael – Angel of respect.
  • Archangel Isda – Angel of nourishment.
  • Archangel Maion – Angel of self-discipline.
  • Archangel Samandiriel – Angel of Imagery.
  • Archangel Verchiel – Angel of Affection

There are two manuals for this system, one for adults and one specially designed for children.

Angelic light manuals for children contain correspondences for each angel, including attributes, animals, herbs, gems/stones, days of power, number of power, colors, candle colors, planet and angel symbol. There’s also a symbol for working with each of the angels in this system. You’ll learn how to make objects energetically linked to the Archangels/Angels, using any type of thing including crystals, jewelry, cards, stones from your hear and more.

This initiation can also be passed on to children if they believe in angels and are capable of understanding.

By Nicole Lanning and Reiss Lanning-Haas

English manual

You receive 14 initiations and a manual.

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