Angelic Sphere of Light – Sphère de Lumière Angélique


Create spheres of angelic light that can hold the best of everything!


Creating a Sphere of Angelic Light is a process that will enable you to create a Sphere to contain Healing Energy, Love, Light, Protection, or initiations. This Sphere of Angelic Love and Light can be sent to a recipient, and the energy it contains will remain in the Sphere, until the recipient calls the Sphere and receives it.

There are no time constraints, no rush to be “ready” at a certain moment to receive or send attention or energy. Once a sphere of angelic Light has been created, it is carried to its intention, remaining with the intention until the intention is ready to receive it. This allows the recipient to prepare themselves mentally and spiritually to receive the intention.

Perhaps one of the most miraculous aspects of Angelic Spheres of Light is that they are available to the recipient for as long as the recipient wishes to access them.

By Maureen Delaney and Tami MacDowell