Angel’s Heart Connection


This luminous series of 10 initiations brings you back to the angel you are


Your light is what you really are, so your soul is that of the Angel who wished to incarnate.

Your angelic beauty is what makes you best remember your goals, your life mission, and your true love.

Connecting to the angel’s heart will help you remember who you are in full awareness.

The1st level

will transport you to the soul level you need to overcome your sadness, fears, traumas or blockages. Far from the stress you’re dealing with, you’ll be transported into the soul by the way of angels, who see everything with love, support, acceptance and calm.

The 2nd level

will give you the angelic secrets to better perceive your desires, your friendships, your realities, all the things that have a secret to deliver to you will be better revealed. Whether you’re strong or not, in trouble or not, living this energy will help you let go of the wrong things to make the right choices that lead you to experience the bliss of being a soul incarnate and divine at the same time.

The 3rd level

allows you to recognize your mistakes, to move in the direction of divine justice and to realize your own faults. Without having a heavy heart, you can make positive changes in your life to allow the soul to learn from its life.

The 4th level

will bring the angel’s energy back into you, you forgive and love in every part of your body and soul. Each energetic phase will be overcome by love and non-judgment, and the call of the light will become more and more beautiful.

The 5th level

comes from the angel in you who’s still asleep and hasn’t understood his mission. In life, we don’t always understand what we really wanted for our soul. Until death reminds us of the reality of what we had hoped for in this life. This level enables us to become aware of what we haven’t yet worked on.

The 6th level

sends us love, unconditional and strong, in the way we’ve always hoped and wanted. He delivers the soul from its absence of heart and joy through love. The truth is sometimes very little, but living in love helps the soul to accept its path.

The 7th level

helps the angel in us to appear in every moment, whatever our current relationships, our angelic imprint will follow us wherever we need it.

The 8th level

clears your doubts and fears through the divine soul. It takes care to clear away what’s unrelated to your life, and what doesn’t suit you. In doing so, you become more informed, simpler and more alert.

The 9th level

release your soul’s pain and unnecessary suffering by opening your soul to self-love. Whatever the pain, the soul will evolve towards greater gentleness, awakening and understanding with the divine soul.

The 10th level

delivers all the angelic power within and around you, filling gaps, fears and doubts with strength, openness and calm to help you be fully confident and open to change. If you’re a Reiki master, you can pass on this teaching.


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