Animal Reiki – Animal Soft Reiki



Animal soft reiki is designed to help animals in need of emotional and mental karmic healing.

It improves animal communication.

It works deeply within the animal’s aura, so that it can balance itself correctly in an environment it cannot always choose for itself. profoundly intended for animal lovers and Reiki masters alike, it is accessible from the first level of Reiki.

if you suffer from a heavy karma with animals, he can help you to raise the auras of animal consciousness in order to better experience sharing and exchange with them. It can treat all animals except reptiles and amphibians, which unfortunately don’t respond to the same auras.

First level:

Helps the groomer understand the animal’s real needs, not speculate or invent. When an animal expresses itself, it should be seen as having a natural energy capacity (as long as you’re willing to listen), so that its emotional balance is preserved and its aura respected. the first level therefore enables us to understand this energy of exchange and respect.

It facilitates the care of any animal that has lacked this balance in its relationship with humans. It also helps to heal the little knocks and bruises of life, such as simple mistreatment (lack of water, lack of hay), which he can’t quite get over, so that he can build up the self-confidence he needs to maintain positive emotions and assert himself energetically, claiming his due.

It also helps the owner to be more sensitive to the animal’s aura, thanks to the karmic protection obtained after the treatment.

Level 2 :

allows the animal to increase its energy in the event of danger, and to prevent unconscious discomfort.

If he’s not being listened to, to be more assertive or regular in his request, and rebalance his communication energy with the human.

If it’s not understood, showing it also allows everyone to feel whether the animal is happy or not, and whether it got what it wanted or has the ability to ask for it.

Finally, it allows you to receive love from your pet without feeling guilty, simply to accept the reality of a real exchange between you and your pet, and not simply a relationship of dependence. It also improves your ability to listen to both your pet and yourself (if you suffer from your pet’s lack of attention, it will eventually realize that it’s not being considerate either).

Level 3:

the loving relationship is amplified and the animal can confide in you.

This degree enhances your listening and communication skills for a balanced feeling and a deeper relationship.

Finally, you can allow yourself a real dialogue with him by standing face-to-face so that he understands you and receives from you all the exchange you’ve managed to achieve. If you feel uncomfortable at the end of the exchange, ask yourself this question: are you ready to listen to the results of this conversation, or do you need to repeat the treatment a little later to understand it better?

Level 4:

you can pass this degree on to someone else.

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