Archangels Connection (Zaphrael) – Connexion Archangéliques (Zaphrael)


Connect to Zaphrael!


“Seraphim Zaphrael’s revealing form resembles the angels of legend. It has a solid, muscular figure. His long black hair flows freely around his shoulders as if he were blowing in a mystical wind, with his wings majestic. His form is engulfed in a radiant glow that makes it difficult to look at his inhumanly perfect features without concentrating to do so. Zaphrael’s form is truly one of awe and majesty, able to inspire all around him. Zaphrael belongs not only to the Archangels, but also to the highest order of Angels, the Seraphim or Seraphim.”

By Andrew Brocklebank & Jens Søeborg

English manual

You will receive an introduction and a manual.