Ashati system – Ashati system (Pack)


For emotional and physical healing with Ashati energy


Pack including all 3 levels. Also available in levels sold separately.

This system and the energies it imparts to the initiate are very different from those of Reiki or Seichim, and of a much higher vibratory frequency. Ashati energies are completely new to Earth and are directly linked to mental healing and spiritual ascension. Since the emotional and physical bodies are so closely linked and controlled by the lower mental energies (thoughts, patterns, beliefs, etc.), ashati energies also facilitate a great deal of deep emotional and physical healing and cleansing. They also help to develop all your psychic abilities.

Ashati Level 1

It contributes to the development of your healing and psychic capacities. It gives you the information, energies and skills you need to facilitate a spectacular metamorphosis of your whole being (mind, body and spirit). Here you’ll find the first Ashati symbol and how these energies can have transformative effects on the lower mind. This course will equip you with many different techniques you can use to treat yourself and others, and to work on developing your psychic and spiritual gifts.

Ashati Level 2

This level focuses on healing, connecting with and developing your higher spirit. It brings a new symbol.
It will constantly clarify, increase and strengthen the connection between your lower and higher spirits. Energetically, this is represented as a stronger link between your forehead (and third eye) and the solar plexus chakras. The higher energies you can access will facilitate deep healing and transformation within your higher mind. It will also help with your lower mind, your thought patterns, your beliefs, your power of manifestation and your psychic abilities. This connection between your lower and higher minds will also help you develop higher mental capacities and become more aware of your subconscious and unconscious knowledge, thoughts and beliefs.

Ashati Level 3

The third level trains and equips initiates with the tools to become masters of manifestation and spiritual guidance.

Initiation will give you access to higher energies as well as a permanent clarity, increase and consolidation of the connection between your higher mind and the divine mind. Energetically, this is represented as a stronger link between your third eye, your Higher Self and a much higher dimension where individuality doesn’t exist and thoughts are expressed in their simplest form as pure thoughts and intentions. as well as a different brain pattern (more theta brain activity). From this altered state of consciousness and higher dimension, you will be able to perform readings and manifest healing on ALL levels for yourself, others and animals.


By Jerome Baudel

English manual

You receive 3 initiations and 3 manuals.