Atlantis Healing System – Système de Guérison Atlantis


These magnificent energies used by the ancient Atlantean masters will bring you many benefits.


This system was rediscovered by a group of European clairvoyants in 1993-1994 while studying the Akashic archives.

It helps to:

  • learn to be a pure innocent child again with the help of divine power, harmony and light.
  • rediscover the beauty and truth within ourselves.
  • to become better than we are.
  • Achieving harmony between inner and outer thought and word, God and man.
  • rediscover your own spirit, your own divine essence.
  • a return to God, a return to faith.
  • unite us with the Universe.
  • Rediscovering the divine within us.

This is the first step in the energy therapies used by the ancient Atlantean masters.

This first system was known, learned and used by the entire population.

The Initiate received the energy, worked with it, knew what he could do with it and opened up a new horizon of perception with a better understanding of himself, others and the Universe.

It’s a system of energetic healing using hands or symbols, energetic diagnosis for humans, plants and animals, and energetic testing for water, food, medicines, plants, trace elements, vitamins, homeopathy, Bach flowers, dosage, duration and method of remedy administration.

It’s a wonderful system for transforming yourself and helping others.

By Franz Eckard Strohm

English manual

You receive 3 initiations and a manual.