Atlantis seeds awaken


An initiatory e-book that participates in healing as well as being a tool for spiritual evolution.


The “Seeds of Atlantis” series is a healing modality as much as it is a tool for the freedom and deep inner realization of the being you are, incarnated in the disguise of a human being. This series has been given to awaken the “sleeping” aspects within the children of our planet, within our inner child and within the conscious mind of our human self. All this rekindles the memory of living in unity consciousness, unconditional love of self and life, and the deep inner knowledge that love as we’ve learned it is an illusion.
The information in this e-book prepares you for the incredible journey called “Return to Innocence/Inner Sense”. It’s a process that allows you to tap into and open the voice of your heart chakra and authentic self. This leads to the ability to fully embrace the passion for life and reconcile with all the aspects of self you’ve rejected and denied throughout this and other lifetimes.”

You will receive an e-book in English.