Be glad to be here – Heureux d’être ici


To appreciate our life and be grateful for what we have.


“We should all be happy to be here. It’s a joyful energy that flows from the heart chakra outwards. We need to appreciate all the beauty around us. We all have love and beauty that we seem to forget to appreciate. We need to recognize and appreciate these gifts and should be happy to be here at this time. To give us the strength and motivation to start our day, we can call upon these energies.

When we are grateful for all that we have, for our blessings, and aware that we are truly blessed, our positive energies and feelings move out into the universe and attract us joy, love, prosperity and more! When you feel blessed, you’re in a higher vibration, which attracts all the good things in alignment with this positive vibration and brings them to you.

Channeled by Kathy Milksys and assisted by Linda Colibert

English manual

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