Behind the Hidden Voices- Derrière les Voix Cachées


In 2 levels, this initiation is made for those whose mediumnity is awakened but whose channel is perceived as malicious… by oneself or others, accessible to Usui Reiki Masters of a Usui Reiki or equivalent at least.


This reiki is autonomous and will enable you to remove traces of channeling that have nothing to do with our reality, but rather with energies of stress, traumas, influences harmful to our well-being, unconscious or misunderstood fears, uncertainties linked to people who don’t believe in us, negative judgments about ourselves, and these factors are difficult to dislodge without true, grounded and benevolent healing guidance, which enables us to isolate our global feelings from the reality we need to break out of negative patterns.
The most reckless souls often came up against earthly beliefs and energies that couldn’t bear to stand out from the crowd, while the gentlest souls were easily accommodated and therefore easily influenced.
Sometimes, even spiritual currents lead us into egregores, uncertain and insecure states of trace that we need to be able to clear completely in order to have true positivity, and this can be very painful, uncomfortable and distressing.
This reiki can be sent to others, at a distance or on the spot, sent into situations, objects, and can be passed on to an entire group in a collective session.