Black Dogs – Guardians of the Crossroads – Chiens Noirs – Gardiens des Carrefours


For protection, hazard warning and empowerment. Also helps your dog to better warn you in case of danger.


“Black dogs are special. Sacred to the goddess Hecate, they are guardians of crossroads and gatekeepers. They have the power to see through veils and protect themselves from evil and dark entities. They always know when we’re around. The energies of this system connect you to the spirit of black dogs for protection, guidance and empowerment.
You’ll connect quickly and, in most cases, feel the presence of your black protector dog. If you have a physical black dog, you’ll find that these energies enhance your connection with your black dog. I have a black dog and she sees entities, ghosts, etc., in the room. She looks at them and that lets me know something is there. She often doesn’t growl, so I don’t worry about it, but when she starts growling at something I can’t see, I know it’s time to banish whatever spirit is in the room. If your dog isn’t black, the energy from this system will also attract black dog superpowers and enhance your dog’s ability to protect you and warn you of danger.”

By Daelyn Wolf
English manual
You will receive an introduction and a manual.