Blue Ray Reiki for the Astral



This Reiki is designed for those who have mastered Reiki at an advanced level of enlightenment.
It cannot be learned without at least Reiki mastery.

Above all, it is designed to powerfully clear any astral form not intended by the self.
advancing the divine energy before the treatment to avoid any post-traumatic stress or to
easily rewrite traumatic memories.

It completely clears the astral energy forms that encompass traumatic energy in order to manage
stimuli through the senses, then when the energy work is partly released, it reactivates the memory of the stimuli.
the associated divine energy to avoid the associated rejections and reminiscences and better rewrite the trauma.
It helps to clear negative astral energy first with divine consciousness, then with Reiki energy.
This allows the sensory reading to follow and open up unused potentials to find themselves again.
in the Self.

Fine and open, this work represents quite a revolution for those whose souls find it hard to open up to the world.
new potential despite good clearance, and those whose souls have not experienced happiness
simple to live without stress or excessive astral heaviness.

It is in 3 levels, including one for mastery, and cannot be taught without good practice.
It’s important to understand how much force is required for the passage of the self.