Bouclier des 4 directions – 4 Directions Shield



This shield is designed for people living in difficult conditions who want to renew their protection automatically.

It requires only a level of Reiki or equivalent, or the ability to channel light transmitted by a good shaman.

Sometimes it takes courage to face life’s difficulties.

When the weight of daily life is heavy because of external factors such as violence, lack of faith, respect or abundance, it’s often difficult to resist. People who don’t respect you aren’t your enemies, they’re just in a constant state of dual energy, and will rob you of your inner strength if you feel it too much. Most battered children become disrespectful people.

That’s why, far from discouraging others, this work presents a protection that allows everyone to conceive the energy of psychic integrity and respect for oneself and others by bringing your modern medicine wheel into your daily life.

The souls who force the passage will not destroy your emotions, but will allow you to come to an agreement if you don’t give an inch to the happiness of using an autonomous shield that allows you to keep your guidance and personal power.

This shield has 5 levels In shamanism, the directions correspond to the medicine wheel.