Bouclier Protecteur de Durga – Durga’s Protective Shield



This initiation was created during meditations based on Durga’s mantra of protection.
“Om Dum Durgayei Namaha
I felt very strong about this work after I’d finished it, and to this day it has literally changed the course of my life, because despite the little strength I had I was able to change my life without a hitch.

The most devastating psychic inputs stopped with this work.

It is accessible with about 2 degrees of Reiki, and cannot be transmitted without Reiki mastery.

It contains an initiation that deploys 15 Shakti or divine powers to help the person protect their natural energy from adverse pressures, whether internal or external.

It returns negative energy if the sender is ready to understand his mistakes, or sends back psychic energies that rework the source for future protection. It is effective against psychic attacks, lack of self-confidence, irrational fears and violent energies.

It calms the psyche and adheres to heavy energies, gradually releasing them. Far from limiting itself to existing energies, it predicts future attacks, demagnetizing them at least in part, and stemming the worst lack of faith, stress and energy breakdowns. It acts as a protector of the chakras and also cleanses the 3rd eye effectively to avoid any doubts about the strengths needed to receive peace. The work becomes more approachable, clearer, longer-lasting and more serene, but also stronger and more incisive when necessary.

Durga is there to show strength and foresight, and brings respect, power and awakening of the self.