Brain Heart Connexion Attunement – Brain Heart Connection


Reconnect your brain and your heart to bring more happiness into your life.


This initiation will improve the energetic and neural connections between your brain and your heart. This energy has a strong spiritual nature … which can change your consciousness and give you access to your soul memory … to help you with spiritual learning. It’s a truly spiritual energy and a powerful help for someone whose spirituality is awakening.

Its vibration in the third eye chakra then combines with the heart chakra. Centered there he encourages the mind to hear the heart’s desire … and to take them into account enough to accomplish what is necessary.

This energy has a strong reaction in the third eye chakra… and its energy is powerful for awakening psychic abilities. It can be used to communicate with spirit guides. Its energy will also stimulate you to develop your intuition.

This energy system will stimulate positive feelings such as happiness and appreciation for everything you have in your life. It will help you if you suffer from depression. As its energy flows from the Heart Chakra to the Base Chakra… it helps heal many physical complaints. It helps those suffering from adrenal fatigue or fainting, and with immunity problems, including chronic fatigue syndrome. It will help physical heart problems, stimulate an inactive thyroid, and bring general healing to the body.

By Hari Andri Winarso