Breakup Dense Energy Lightwork



There are times when you feel heavy, oppressed, tense, unable to move and weighed down.

These are all symptoms of a dense energy that prevents joy and the joy of coming to you. The energies of this system work to connect you to higher, lighter energies and a creative source.

Use the energies of this system to break through dense energy that keeps you bound and burdened with depression and oppression. This system can also be used to help break down and eliminate negative energies associated with retrograde mercury.

Heavy energy is dense, heavy and oppressive.

She’s tough as nails, and weighs you down emotionally. It sucks the life out of you. What’s happening is that this heavy energy is slowly building up around you until you’re locked into it. At this stage, you simply begin to feel bound or unable to move and breathe. All the energy you have in you is drained away as you struggle to function in this heavy energy field.

You have to break it, break it, for it to start moving. Dense energy is blocked energy – little by little, it builds up and builds up around you until you realize what’s going on and break it down and clean it up.

You have to break it before you can erase it. Once you crack it and start breaking it, the dense energy starts to move. Then you can work to remove it.