Brighid’s Flaming Sword Empowerment – Brighid’s Flaming Sword


Connect with this Celtic Goddess to benefit from her protection and purification.


The Power of the Brighid Fire Sword connects you to the energies of the Goddess and the power of protection and purification. Brighid is a powerful Celtic goddess, considered by some to be the female equivalent of Archangel Michael in the realm of protection. Although she is a Celtic Fae goddess, she is also linked to the elements of fire and water – the sun and the moon. Patron goddess of poets, she brings inspiration, great healing and certainly protection and purification! This energy also gives you strength and courage.

After this initiation into Brighid’s Sword of Fire, you are surrounded by a field of protective energy, his sword cutting and burning away negative energy, transmuting it into golden light.

Brighid encourages women to stand tall, to always be strong and courageous, and to remain firmly in their power. Its energies encourage independence and the ability to rise above all trials.

A symbol is included in this system to help you connect to Brighid’s energies.

By Linda Colibert

Manual in English and French

You will receive an introduction and a manual.