Broken Heart Empowerment -Empowerment du Coeur Brisé


To help heal broken hearts and protect you from future situations that could cause you heartache.


“Empowerment of the Broken Heart” calls on the energy of a powerful Sanskrit mantra that works to heal broken hearts. It is also useful for current relationships and protects against future heartbreak.

Not every broken heart is the result of a relationship. A parent who discovers that his or her child has committed a serious act can be heartbroken.

This empowerment will help heal the heart chakra in cases of heartache, as well as providing protective energy against situations that could lead to heartache. It will raise the person to a higher level from which they can experience the forgiveness of unconditional love and become less attached to the situation. It will also gently cleanse old emotional scars from past wounds that may have been forgotten from our conscious part.”

By Stéphanie Brail

English manual

You will receive an introduction and a manual.