Building self esteem – Reiki for Building Self Esteem


To regain self-esteem and move forward with serenity.

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“It’s not uncommon to struggle with self-esteem issues at various times. Often, the origin of low self-esteem is that we judge ourselves harshly or that someone in our life, recently or not, has treated us badly. The Divine gives us this powerful healing energy so that we don’t feel needlessly bad about ourselves.

The Divine loves us as we are in this moment and in every moment, and cares for us. He wants us to see ourselves in all our perfection, beauty and greatness so that we can be the shining beacon of light he created.

One of the goals of this reiki is that we can rise above our low self-esteem so that we can enjoy life, do what we want, be who we really are without fear of rejection and work towards our life path, our purpose, our highest personal callings and goals.

It’s our divine right to feel good about ourselves. This energy system helps us to accept that we are worthy and deserving of self-satisfaction and love. Using this healing energy and the ideas in the manual we can avoid doing those things that make us feel worse and we can do those things that make us feel better about ourselves.”

By Tracey Loper

English manual

You will receive an introduction and a manual.