Business Organization & Time Management Reiki – Business Organization and Time Management Reiki


Organize your business and your time better to give yourself the best chance of success in business and personal enterprise.


This system is channeled to help with business organization and time management.

Although it’s geared towards business success, it’s also very useful for anyone who wants to organize their home, activities, goals and time for maximum productivity, so that they too can achieve their goals.

The energies work to extend time so you can get things done in less real time, and it also helps keep your business or personal goals organized and ordered so you can follow the steps easily and get the maximum benefit from your work and time.

The energies are very powerful and help you stay on track and take steps that are manageable so you can succeed in whatever you choose to do in business and personal endeavors.

By Daelyn Wolf

English manual

You will receive an introduction and a manual.