Celtic Reiki 3 – Celtic Reiki 3


A variant of Usui Reiki, which uses vibrations from the Earth and specific trees and shrubs to create an environment conducive to healing and manifestation. Level 3


Level 3/3. Also available as a pack including all 3 levels.

“Reiki energy mimics the frequency of various trees and plants so as to function in accordance with Celtic wisdom. As Celtic Reiki is an Earth energy Reiki, it is channeled upwards through the base chakra rather than downwards through the Crown (as is the case with Usui Reiki). It is therefore similar in some respects to Kundalini Reiki, although Celtic Reiki does not act on the Kundalini. Instead, it produces results similar to traditional Usui Reiki, although Celtic energy techniques are very much in evidence.
However, by using what we know, we’ll evolve energetically enough to proceed to more powerful vibrations.
There are 3 initiations: the first will introduce the new energies and prepare the student for the following ones. The second initiation will work with the energies of manifestation, and the third with the energies of healing and mastery. In addition to symbols and descriptions, each section will include aspects of Reiki, Celtic wisdom and detailed instructions for its use.”


By Martyn Pentecost
English manual.
You will receive an introduction and a manual.

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