Chemin jumeau et volonté christique – Twin Flame Path and Divine Will



On the road to ascension, we sometimes take on willpower far beyond our natural need.

We then face many challenges in understanding our channeling energy. Our natural forces drive us to survive for our own sake, without always thinking of others. Sometimes people just can’t keep up with us. They don’t understand our beauty and think we’re not doing well.

In reality, we’re following a different path. That’s why it’s not always easy to live the Christic will when you’re channeling a lot. Many energies make us lose our well-being, deeming this work useless and dangerous.

For hundreds of years, the twin flame channel has been protected by divine energy, and few dual things enter it. That’s why it’s very natural for a soul mate or twin soul to understand someone going through this, yet the surrounding collective isn’t always so understanding.

This initiation enables us to recreate the Christic channel within us when it is attacked and energetically cleared by people whose dual wills offend us.

Despite the soul’s complaints and sufferings, we can thus reopen the unconditional love and divine love of the Christic channel to move forward in peace.

This Reiki requires no prerequisites other than a starting Christic channel, and opens up naturally after initiation. It’s integrated into your luminous consciousness and requires no special work, as the energy will act whenever it’s needed. Your inner life becomes simpler and more courageous, because thanks to this you no longer seem mad at the idea of developing this will on Earth.