Chios Energy Field Healing 3 – Guérison Champ d’Energie Chios 3


To work with Chios Energy. Level 3


Level 3/3. Also available as a pack including all 3 levels.

Level 3:
This initiation is a very powerful attunement. It will greatly increase the student’s healing power and contains very powerful and advanced energy healing techniques. After completing this level, the student will be a Master Chios teacher and will be able to teach and initiate others at every level.

Subjects covered:
Part I – (The tools of the master healer)
– Introduction
– Energy, color and light in healing
– Learn to visualize the upper layers of the aura
– Energetic faults in the chakra system
– Detection of chakra system status
– Chakra Charge
– Rebalancing the chakra system
– Radiation method
– Seventh layer focal healing
– Remote healing
– Description of level 3 processing procedures
– Part Two – (Treatment approaches for serious diseases)
– Introduction to disease treatment
– Diseases of the heart and circulatory system
– Diseases of the brain and nervous system
– Cancer
– Diseases of the lungs and respiratory system
– Infectious diseases.

By Stephen H. Barrett.

English manual

You receive an introduction and a manual

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