Chios Energy Field Healing (Pack)


To work with Chios Energy


Pack including all 3 levels. Also available in levels sold separately.

Level 1: Opens the student to the touch of light. It puts the student in touch with the essence of universal healing energy so that the student can benefit from it, and also activates the student’s hands as instruments of healing.

  • Introduction
  • Learning to channel energy
  • Start to feel the energy field
  • Introduction to the chakra system
  • A typical treatment
  • Precautions and special situations.

Level 2: More powerful, it expands the student’s energy field and ability to tap into healing energy. It powerfully opens the energy channels in the student’s body, bringing healing energy to the hands and greatly increasing the power of the hands to channel energy, color and light.

  • Introduction
  • Chios symbols and using symbols to call up energy
  • Simple energetic faults in the Aura and Chakras
  • Detection of Aura and Chakra states by receiving psychic information and guidance
  • Learning to visualize the Aura
  • Assessing treatment needs
  • Sealing leaks and tears in Aura
  • Clear the Aura
  • Unblocking the Chakras
  • Load Aura
  • Energy flow correction
  • Additional hand placement techniques
  • Learn to see the colors of the chakras
  • Starting to use light in healing
  • End of treatment
  • Overview of Level 2 processing procedures
  • Disease-specific treatment suggestions.

By Stephen H. Barrett.

English manuals

You receive 3 initiations and 3 manuals.