Communication Flush Empowerment – Cleaning Communication


Finally dare to speak out, say what you feel or express who you are with this system that works on the fears associated with speaking out.



The fear of telling someone how you feel, of speaking out at events, of being confused or afraid of expressing who you really are for fear of not pleasing or hurting people are all natural feelings that everyone has in the course of their lives. However, there are simple but effective ways in which you can transform these fears into an ability to speak directly from the heart. Not only will this help you on your own spiritual path, it will also make you feel more confident in yourself and in who you are.

This energy system and the activation of the etheric Sodalite crystal, which will be placed in your throat and palm chakras, will enable you to find the courage and power within yourself to open the door to a new sense of self-expression and communication.

By Jay Burrell

English manual

You will receive an introduction and a manual.