Cosmic Mystical Plejades-Nymphs Energy 999- Pléiades Mystiques Cosmiques – Energie des Nymphes 999

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Connect the energy of the Nymphs and integrate their attributes.


It’s a highly magical, magnetic and cosmic energy system.

In this system, there are all the attributes of all kinds of nymphs, irresistible, mystical, feminine creatures that no man can resist, with their supernatural beauty, seduction, charm and purity. These attributes are combined with the cosmic frequencies and light rays of the Pleiades – imbued with highly magical, magnetic and mystical energies – anchored in frequency 999.

The fields in which this system works are

Beauty on all levels – Rejuvenation – High-energy charisma

Purity – Clarity – Energetic cleansing on all levels

Magic magnetic attraction of men – the dream man

A magical, mystical and magnetic aura of beauty

Love at every level

Very high increase – Extension of luminous body power

Deep connection – Contact with the Pleiades/Nymphs

Magical, mystical and cosmic individual nocturnal sessions by nymphs/pleiades

Partnerships OF ALL KINDS – Romantic relationships with men

Success on all levels

Opening of the 3rd eye – Development of psychic abilities

Expanding consciousness – Astral journeys to the Pleiades/Nymphs

Orienting the whole being towards divinity

And more!

By Lavinia

German manual

You will receive an introduction and a manual.