Cosmic Rays Initiations – Cosmic Rays


Tune in to cosmic rays to accelerate your personal ascension and that of the planet.


There are cosmic versions of planetary rays. Cosmic rays originate from Divinity at the Creator level and are then filtered through each level (cosmic, multi-universal, universal, galactic, solar) and on to Earth. There isn’t much information on cosmic rays, since humanity has only had access to them since the late 1990s.

Cosmic rays are not yet anchored in Mother Earth, as most of humanity is not yet ready for them. Tuning in to cosmic rays is extremely important for accelerating your personal ascension process and that of the entire planet. Each initiation to cosmic rays retains the energies in your being as well as on Earth. When enough of humanity has anchored the cosmic rays, they will begin to anchor themselves permanently to the center of Mother Earth, accelerating the beginning of the Golden Age.

By Chris Comish

English manual

You receive 8 initiations and a manual.