Technique for releasing past, present and karmic emotional blockages.

Method channeled and transmitted by Frédérique Lahaye


The Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple, fast and effective way to free yourself:

– negative thoughts, an overly invasive mind

– past wounds (abandonment, betrayal, injustice, humiliation, rejection)

– current bottlenecks

– frustrations

– programs inscribed in your cells which today block you in your life

– phobias

– transgenerational transmissions (illnesses, life patterns, etc.)

– repetitive patterns

This technique works by applying light pressure on the back of the skull, on the level of the reptilian brain* (where our memories are stored), which also acts on the limbic brain* (our emotions), just by touching certain points.

When this treatment speaks to you, it’s because your soul has decided to unblock a very specific wound by showing you images and making you feel very specific emotional or bodily sensations.

There is a connection between you and your cellular memories. Nothing you can’t handle emotionally can be done, since it’s your deepest self that chooses what to unblock. One or two sessions are enough, sometimes a little more if the trauma is deep-rooted or even karmic. The Cristalâme treatment is followed by an energetic treatment to reharmonize energies.

The session lasts about an hour, is often instantaneous and lasts over time, guiding you towards who you really are, free of blockages, fears, frustrations etc… It’s a complete cleansing of your cells, a reset on the blockage worked on during the session.

Manual in French and explanatory method applicable as a professional in practice for an effective and useful release as a therapist and in everyday life.