Deprogram Self-Punishment Empowerment – Deprogramming Self-Punishment Empowerment


Abandon your self-punishment programming that leads to self-sabotage in various areas of your life.

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This energy system helps to deprogram any self-punishment “programs” that may be running in the unconscious, leading to self-sabotage, under-performance and personal drama. It’s easy to use for yourself and your customers.

A self-punishment program is an unconscious set of instructions that causes a person to sabotage or “self-destruct” instead of succeeding. Self-punishment can include such tendencies as destroying promising relationships before they get off the ground, constantly creating drama at work, or overspending and mismanaging money.

Sometimes, the self-punishment program appears in the way a person treats himself. Self-punishment becomes a vicious circle and can lead to more self-punishment. When things aren’t going well because of an unconscious self-punishment program, the tendency is to blame ourselves and add more self-punishment on top of what’s already happened!

By Elemental Reiki

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