Desire Manifestation Attunement – Manifestation des Désirs


To attract to you the tools, the means, the ideas to enable you to manifest your desires.


“This energy is effective in helping you manifest your desires and help others with any problems they may have about their desires.

Move from where you are now to where you want to be. This energy system attracts specific tools, ideas and information that best suit your own individual soul expression to support the manifestation process.

As you begin to shift from a life expression to a more beneficial one, you’ll find it much easier to release the inner blocks and fears that have been blocking your path.

It can help the manifestation process by making you think of moving from one level of life expression to another like crossing a beautiful bridge. As you walk across this bridge, visualize the people, resources and spiritual energies that are coming towards you to welcome you and offer you gifts and support.

See yourself easily accepting all the Good that is offered to you and using it to manifest what you seek. It can be very helpful too to keep a journal, noting what each has offered you so that if you don’t understand some of what you’ve been given, you can meditate on it later and its meaning will become clearer, giving you the means to use the gifts and blessings more effectively.”

By Argandini Titisari