Diamond Spinning Disk – Disque de diamant tournoyant


Disque de diamant tournoyant – Diamond Spinning Disk

Initiation to Diamond Spinning Disk is a wonderful tool for chakra cleansing and protection. It’s an energy of high-colored gemstones that illuminates your chakras.


Diamant Spinning Disk is a unique energetic tool to help us face challenges or goals that require great courage and passion to achieve “the best in life”. Its energy is excellent for pursuing dreams that seem impossible to reach. Thanks to this energy system, we can answer the call to soul-search and have the courage to venture beyond boundaries into the unknown. It strongly stimulates loyalty, commitment, passion, intensity and richness. She also brings out the best in us by radiating brilliant light into our environment.
It’s good for:
– Increase the balance of our physical, mental and spiritual strengths.
– Radiate such vigorous, clear energy to those around you.
– Protect our energy body from negativity.
– Stimulate courage, mastery and confidence.
– Increased luck and prosperity.
– Achieving wisdom.
This energy can be sent to a person during a treatment, even at a distance.

By Hari Andri Winarso
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