Divine Conscious Clearing Reiki Advanced



Continuation of Divine Consciousness Release Reiki

It is the third level and allows the most powerful possible release of the mind and
divine consciousness, while protecting the mental body and aligning it with the self for a
secure and lasting healing of the relationship to awakening and consciousness.
This third degree is even more powerful.
The non-decisive mental sphere that prevents action or the concrete development of a good
action is resolved, the most useless fears are cleared away and realities appear more
The doors of revelation are more accessible and open to the observation and strength of the
realism feeds the mind for a life aligned and not complacent with situations…. all
offering the truth without charm or blame but with strength and vigour so as to avoid
fears and open up to positive action aligned with mindfulness in most cases
It introduces verbal power by destygmatizing violence of all kinds and giving it a new dimension.
less power over our emotions so that we can apply the strongest conviction possible without
This work allows a powerful mental balance, an easy diagnosis of the problems and of
without being in denial or violently disturbed, but also with the ability to
the strength of love and awakening needed to keep positive forces alive without destruction
karmic law through bad thoughts, etc.
A fine tribute to the freedom of real mental hygiene.

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