Divine Conscious Clearing Reiki



This Reiki is for people with at least one Reiki mastery.

It is aimed at people whose mental body is poorly perceived, poorly energized or ill-prepared for
karmic energies.

It operates a drastic and benevolent change on the mental body by making visible the
energies of the subconscious mind that manages it, and by operating towards more strength, speed, karmas
with awakening and awareness, and more joy in thinking and designing without getting stuck.

When our mental body only responds to heavy energies, consciousness is slow to free itself.
traumas and adverse energies, and most of the time cannot tolerate any change.

The astral body is far from being able to withstand the shock if negative thoughts are not managed.
This Reiki protects as much as it consolidates, awakens and nurtures a daily balance with the body.

More and more awake the person opens his heart and mind to reality to open the
mental energies to what is good and useful for the future choice and for all.
This care system has 2 levels