Divine Provision Reiki (Pack)



Pack including all 3 levels. Also available in levels sold separately.

Initiation 1 contains 2 Shaktis that will give you the determination to reshape your social relationships…and review your cash flow.

Sometimes changes have to be made to abandon obsolete paths. They must be dissolved before your cash reserves increase.

Divine Provision Reiki Initiation ™ Level 2 helps you create new revenue streams in the ethereal realms. A burst of monetary energy here lays the foundations of materiality so that what you need arrives in a very real way!

Divine Provision Reiki ™ level 3 provides Divine financial provision . It gives you an intention to create a protective field to support both the revenue streams you’ve created and repaired, as well as the provisions you already have in your life.

A continuous maintenance beam monitors these tracks to ensure they remain flexible and strong.

A flow-increase dial gives you greater freedom to increase or reduce the speed of your workflow!

By Mariah Windsong Couture

English manuals

You receive 3 initiations and 3 manuals.