Divine Soul Reiki



This Reiki is designed for people in tune with their soul who wish to heal from malaise, negative consciousness and lack of creativity, to heal completely from the absence of love, space or positivism, or even realism, to bring about a new spirituality guiding them towards fulfillment and fulfillment.

Although not very creative, sometimes our credo, our “daily battle”, can be a bit battered in terms of poor positioning. We know we should “change the record”, that “the cup is full”, that the old energy has lasted long enough, yet every time the opportunity presents itself, we fall back on the same old consciousness, habits, and dual traumas and separations reappear. So for greater clarity, gentleness in daily life and in the soul, I’ve chosen to do this Reiki in 4 levels, for souls who have understood but not found the solution to their problem and who want to manage their life under a new light and new auspices.

Children and young people often have the same expressive problems as their parents, and will really enjoy playing together again, living in a community without anger, fear or stress.

It will be more than beneficial for all those whose malaise once reached such a stage that it left traces, ruts (what a shaman calls an “imprint”) in our guidance. The path to wisdom would be to pass this Reiki every day for a while in order to forget past suffering and return to loving oneself and others through consciousness .

In a new state of mind, because we’ve freed ourselves from the past by severing attachments to better adapt to present situations with a fresh, lively mind. To overcome the difficulty of anchoring a new reality much adapted to our reality. This system is suitable for everyone, including beginners, even those with strong and growing power, and can be retransmitted after 4 weeks’ work on it. It’s not suitable for passing on to a child, but can be treated from the age of 5 with no problem, or younger if guided by the self.

It is in 4 degrees