DNA Activation Series : 12 strands , 24 strands, 36 strands 2- DNA activation series: 12, 24 and 36 strands. 2


Activate your DNA to evolve towards higher frequencies. Activation 2


Level 2/3. Also available as a pack including all 3 levels.

Second activation:

24-strand DNA activation
You will progress to higher consciousness and the activation of additional dormant DNA strands, and multi-dimensional integration will occur. Your divine plan becomes clearer and your brain capacity increases.
Benefits may include:
Abundance and release of prosperity, unconscious genetic and karmic patterns,
More vitality
Unconditional love
Hidden talents and abilities are revealed,
Greater creativity
Improved memory
More improvements to health – Toxin release
A sense of peace and unity for all that is
Your immune system is strengthened
Regeneration of additional cells
Greater clarity, concentration and brainpower
More love for others and better relationships
Understanding and realizing your life purpose, synchronicity and signs come to you

By Rosemary Noel

English manual

You receive an activation and a manual.

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Prerequis Initiation