Dog Heartbeat Energy – Energie du Battement de Coeur du Chien


An excellent system for deepening your relationship with your dog, bringing healing on many levels and improving your animal communication.


“This magic is a powerful healing energy for dogs and includes deep love for and towards dogs. It connects your heart with the heart of a certain dog/dogs to give powerful healing through love.

The energy strengthens and improves the connection / mutual trust, to your dog / dogs in order to reach a deeper level in the relationship to live together in harmony, love and understand and accomplish common tasks here on earth. It is also particularly suitable for “foreign” dogs in all respects, to establish trust and get a quick connection to the animal to give powerful healing on ALL levels, etc. This system enhances animal communication/telepathy skills.

Your two hearts will beat at the same time and change the world…”.

By Lavinia
English manual.
You will receive an introduction and a manual.
150€ (rrp) ?
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